Ocean and Ski Vacations provide the vacationer complete peace of mind with over 20 years of property management and ownership experience. Before our team makes an investment in any country or resort area, we spend years understanding the market, property, and building taking into account all aspects of what our guests want. All of our partners are bilingual with extensive experience in property management and formal interior design education. And, while we manage other properties, we only invite special guests to our privately owned properties.

Each property is hand picked in select resort locations to provide our guests with the most unforgettable vacation ever! The Wendell Family Group, founded by Greg, Scott, and Robert Wendell, invests in resort location properties only after gaining a complete understanding of the area. Then, we ensure each guest is offered the most relaxing, comfortable vacation possible, with experienced on-site property managers to assist with your every need.

While we understand the benefits staying at a chain resort hotel, we feel there is a large need for direct owner to guest renting, which not only yields the best value but also provides luxurious “home away from home” units with hotel amenities with extensive support by experienced on-site property managers.

We look forward to welcoming you, your friends and family to our luxurious “home away from home” properties.